Working alongside Hornet, we partnered with Facebook to create a new visual approach for illustrated and animated content that could be used across their platform, primarily for subjects covering privacy and security. 

The result of this two-year long collaboration was a Brand-Bible to be used by all of Facebook’s content vendors, as well as short films, ads and illustrations.

The new brand guide detailed a bespoke palette and rules of character design, composition and best practices of animation.

Mindful of Facebook's global audience it also touched on age groups, body shapes, clothing and other guidelines.

To launch the new visual guide, we made a short film spotlighting Facebook's Community Standards: an effort to better build a safe and productive community for its more than 2 billion members.

Community Standards

The film was directed out of Hornet's studio in NYC, marking the premiere of the new visual identity for Facebook's privacy and security communications.

Cursor Cursor