We designed and concepted hundreds of stickers for Skype over the course of 2017 (around 800!).

See them live in Skype's new mobile app and keep scrolling here to check out some of our favourites.

We were given heaps of creative freedom from the Skype team to develop from the concept to the finished product hundreds of stickers for their mobile app.

From basic "Yes" and "No"/"Nah"s, to very niche Steve Aoki face masks, we made a sticker for every occasion possible, in an array of different styles.

The process would start with us brainstorming loads of ideas and sketching out a couple of them to see how they would feel as stickers (90% of which, naturally, got immediately scrapped - sorry, Business Watermelon).

These would then be ran by the Skype team for their thoughts and feedback, and after their green light, we'd fully flesh them out in a style of our choice, either 2D or 3D. We'd go through a final round of feedback to fine-tune each sticker and voilá, they're ready to go on those pretty selfies of yours.

Working with Microsoft’s Skype team we quickly developed a well-oiled pipeline between us, producing 20 stickers a week, every week.

We had loads of fun coming up with wild concepts and designing themed packs for holidays, events or really random things. It was It was also a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with different artists we admire and see what they each brought to the project.

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