Three x Samaritans

"Listening, we all know its important, but it's not as easy as it sounds"

We collaborated with Wonderhood Studios to create six short films for Three mobile's #BetterPhoneFriend campaign with the Samaritans.

We were tasked with dramatising problematic listening characteristics, to help people identify these traits in themselves, and to help them overcome them. Our aim with these films was to convey what it means to be a better listener, to be a better phone friend.

Working with two simple dots and Three's brand colours, we explored simple scenarios to convey the emotions of each listening trait. The minimal approach to the visuals allowed room for the instructions of the voice-over to breathe.

For the resolution of each film, we employed a subtle transfer of colour between the dots, emphasising the lesson of the listening trait that has been learned.

See more information over on the Three campaign website

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