Guardian Labs
Woodland Trust

We collaborated with Guardian Labs to create a film for the Woodland Trust to support their 'Free Trees' campaign.

In this project, we aimed to use the imagery of a boy and a sapling growing together to communicate the significance a tree can have in one's trajectory and how beautifully it can impact a family's life.

We also needed to reference seasons, wildlife and city life, so we had to come up with a structure that enabled us to show all of the above within a 90 second time limit.

Our concept for the film was to have everything revolving around our central character, the tree, in a constant camera move. We also wanted a 2D and textured aesthetic, so we set about modelling and texturing the tree in 3D in order to allow for that camera move to be really smooth whilst keeping the visuals consistent. The biggest challenge was really just fitting that all into the time constraints we had. Luckily, we had an amazing team on board which worked really well collaboratively.

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